Meridian Advantage

It is an exclusive medical services discount affiliation plan from Meridian Medical Group.

Meridian Advantage Enrollment Plan

Meridian Advantage is a discount plan for medical services exclusive of Meridian Medical Group.

Meridian Advantage plan allows you and your family to get additional discounts to the affordable prices at Meridian Medical Group, Professional Corporation in all our clinics in San Jose, San Francisco and Manteca.

Meridian Advantage is not insurance, therefore is not valid at Hospital or for emergency services outside any Meridian Medical Group Clinics.

Enrollment Fees:

* Only two people who are married or who live in a free union, but not two independent persons, such as a brother and sister or two friends, are considered couples....

Plan Benefits:

Access to a network of diagnostic services at discounted prices (30 to 75%) in California, Texas, Florida and New York.

** This discount applies to medicines dispensed at Meridian Medical Group clinics only.

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